Senti Art Event Brings Awareness To Powerful Cause

Art wields may weapons to address a myriad of  social issues, political leanings, and everything in between. Today, a very visceral cause was addressed at Senti, a Restaurant and Wine Bar in Lawrenceville, as the works of Traute Ishida, a polarizing figure in the art community with a career spanning 60 years, were displayed.

Ishida, a native of Germany, suffers from an auto-immune disease called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, an ailment that sidelined her from creating art for some 20 years. The disease, while not onset by alcohol abuse, affects the liver, and causes constant itching with extreme fatigue. It rendered Ishida helpless, slowly fading away.

Miraculously, Ishida’s daughter, Annette, who owns Senti, offered up her liver through a “live” transplant process. Since her  recovery, Ishida has begun creating art again.

The event’s focus was to raise awareness and funding for The Center for Organ Recovery, or CORE, and organization providing organ procurement services to people in need. As we begin to uncover the labyrinth of the human body, and human condition, events that place focus on real-world problems to the highest degree, show us how powerful art can be. There is no more noble service than to save a life, even in the midst of tragedy, light can gleam through, streaming hope into the hopeless. It might seem like a deep thought for an art show, but the results are indisputable.

For more  information on CORE, visit them online. To visit Senti, click here, and to learn more about Traute Ishida, read more here.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh