Maranie Rae’s Exhibition Opening, A Smashing Success.

Pittsburgh photo journalist, Maranie Rae, opened her solo show, Syria, Jordan, Iraq: Displacement. Resilience. Hope. Friday evening at Unsmoke Systems Artspace in Braddock. A place often known as one of the forgotten towns of Pittsburgh, Braddock served as the perfect metaphoric catalyst for Rae’s show.

The exhibit was designed to shine light on the thousands of citizens in the Middle East who are displaced and dehumanized as a result of unrelenting armed conflict in the region. As peace continues to slip away, children are being born and raised in captivity, not knowing anything other than a chaotic sense of calm. Creature comforts are a thing of the past, and their number one objective, survive.

Rae’s exhibit simply puts a real face to a problem that is shunned by the mainstream media. The images are intimate and powerfully tragic, but also gleam a sense of innocence through the depravity they capture.

For more information on Maranie’s projects, visit her website.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh