Win Mother’s Day with “The Rake’s Progress”

TheRakesProgress_PhotoCall_0053_croppedRunning through this weekend, The Pittsburgh Opera’s production of Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rake’s Progress” will feature the area’s largest collection of David Hockney art. Hockney, a revered artist from across the pond, as well as close friend of Pittsburgh’s renaissance man, Andy Warhol, designed the set and costumes for the show.

Touted as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Hockney piloted the pop art movement in the 1960’s, and is best known for his portraits and intricate set designs. His reach, spanning the globe, continues to inspire artists and performers worldwide.

“The Rake’s Progress” follows Tom Rakewell (Alek Shrader), part-time playboy, full-time inheritance squanderer. Playing The Virtuous Anne Trulove will be vocal powerhouse Layla Claire, and the duplicitous Nick Shadow will be taken on by David Pittsinger.

Rakewell’s meandering from riches-to-rags is based on the engravings of painter, William Hogarth. Hockney used Hogarth’s engravings for inspiration as he created the entire set in cross-hatch style with colors only available in that time period (1732): Red, blue, and green.

Whether you come for the art or opera, “The Rakes Progress” offers a cornucopia of visual and auditory excellence not to be missed.

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