#LOCALartIS: Wheeler. Holtschlag. Pantalone.

Elisabeth Wheeler: Physical Therapist. Violinist. Music Junkie

Photo by Mara Lorusso

Photo by Mara Lorusso

Elisabeth Wheeler uses the art of healing throughout her days as a physical therapist, helping patients to reach new levels of personal accomplishment day-by-day. In addition to her day job, Wheeler is a classically trained violinist, and loves listening to live music. Her philosophy of “playing from the heart” spills into her world and envelopes all she does.

Deborah Holtschlag: Artist. Free Thinker. Phoenix.


Acquiring an art degree at 45 years old might seem a little unconventional, but not for Deborah Holtschlag, a budding artist who recently celebrated her 50th birthday. A wife, and mother of two teenagers, she spends 5-days- a-week in her studio crafting oil paintings, something she says makes her feel connected to the deep lineage of the ancient art.  Her dedication to working through her process often leads to challenges she always looks forward to solving.

Nate Pantalone: Tea Curator. SuperDad. Tennis Buff.


Owner of Dobra Tea, Nate Pantalone, took the leap into creating a bohemian-style paradise in Squirrel Hill, offering customers an authentic and eclectic experience. Pantalone, an avid tea lover, recently welcomed a new addition to his family, and during the early months, he strapped the wee one in a roo pouch and gave them a crash course in the tea biz as he served customers. Outside of work, Pantalone plays tennis for keeps…No take backs.