#LOCALartIS: Ty Cairns

Ty Cairns is an artist who specializes in comic book art, and creating vivid imagery that captures the essence of imagination and wonder. Since he was a child, Cairns was encouraged to nurture his creative gifts and move towards expression.

“I was inspired to be an artist by the loving family who took the time to sit down and draw with me as a small boy. I will never forget spring boat rides on the lake where my Uncle would draw fantasy warriors for me or when my father or older brother would draw colorful characters and superheroes. In my mind, I honor them by continuing a tradition of creation,” said Cairns

Cairns draws inspiration from the great comic artists of our generation, and is veracious learner as he works towards perfecting his techniques.

It’s my dream to one day be a successful comic book artist drawing superheroes. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the work of great artists like Jim Lee, Michael Turner, and Mark Bagley. Their unique approach to drawing dynamic figures is the perfect blend between style and technique in my opinion. As I grow and develop as an artist I’d love to try to capture that same look of beauty and strength that excites me.”

Cairns was also a 90’s kid, so his visual narrative echoes his experiences.

My work is heavily influenced by the media I was exposed to as a child growing up in the 90’s. Whether it was from Saturday morning cartoons, video games, graphic novels, or action figures, i was left with a bold impression from my childhood. The 90’s seemed like a time of color and wonder as technology and computers were starting to take off into a bright and uncertain future full of possibilities.”

His process is as detailed as his work. A painstaking journey to create a visual representation that he’s happy with, but never truly says goodbye to.

I begin most pieces with a lot of research and a pencil sketch. I then scan the image into Adobe Photoshop and trace over the image with digital inks. I often make adjustments when inking and find that my pencil sketch looks quite different from the finished linework. I then color my image digitally in Photoshop and after many hours have a completed piece of art. I’m never really finished with a piece, I just get to a point where I don’t know what else to do with it.”

But in it all, Cairns is divinely grateful for his gifts as an artist, and will continue to follow his path of creativity and passion to share with the world.

I do believe that I was put on this planet by a creative God who loves to paint. I see his work in every face and every sky. For me, art is a way of getting in touch with my creator, and indeed a form of worship. Some may feel otherwise, and I think that’s okay; that’s the other great thing about art, it’s all subjective.