#LOCALartIS Tarducci. Kile. Palmieri.


Mia Tarducci: Artist. Mother. Professionally Scrappy.

Life as an artist is not a road for the faint of heart, just ask Mia Tarducci, full-time artist. She’s been in the art game for many years and has become a relevant voice not just from a visual arts standpoint, but for the arts industry as a whole. Her gallery space in Point Breeze, artfully known as The Mine Factory, is a budding epicenter for artists to showcase their work.

Tarducci’s intuitive nature to organically cultivate the art community has paid dividends, but her work, which is also very well-recognized not only in Pittsburgh, but nationally, continues to grow as she constantly transforms her ability to adapt to an ever-changing economy. Visit Mia online to view more of her work.


Dustin Cordon Kile: Chef. Minimalist. Lover of Sleep.

Pittsburgh’s food scene is beyond insane over the past two years. It’s become hard to navigate the daunting pop-u culture of restaurants, but the one thing you simply  can’t dispute, and always puts mouths to forks is great food. And that’s what Chef Dustin Kile does for about 13-hours-a-day. He’s a purist when it comes to ingredients and quality, and feels that if you let the natural elements of food do what they’re supposed to do, then the feat of cooking actually becomes much easier.

Of course, that’s just humility talking, his preparation and attention to detail makes him one of the best chefs in the Steel City, shining through a constantly emerging scene. For more information on making your stomach say, “thanks buddy”, visit Kile’s culinary artistry at Pallantia in Shadyside.


Jeff Palmieri: Stylist. Entrepreneur. Stones Groupie.

There’s not much Jeff Palmieri hasn’t seen in the 25 years he’s been styling and cutting hair. The owner of Nadia salon started in the business when he was 19, and has been through a bevy of schools to hone his craft: DADA Academy, Vidal Sassoon, Jacques Dessage, RUSK Academy and Framesi Symposium all contribute to his ability to turn that hair frown upside down.

A rabid rock-n-roll fan, his salon is donned with Rolling Stones memorabilia and other rock artifacts, indicative of his edgy personal style. Always amiable and willing to help anyone with anything, Palmieri takes the diva out of a very diva-filled industry. Visit Jeff at Nadia Salon.