#LOCALartIS: Mull. Blackwell. Nortier


Heather Mull: Photographer. Floof Enthusiast.

Capturing the realism through her lens, Heather Mull is a well-known and seasoned and scrappy veteran of the photo journalism coven in Pittsburgh. Her trademark style has been utilized by various publications, and her love of Floofs, a.k.a. Cats, is something to be revered. Visit Heathermull.com


Nisha Blackwell: Artisan Bowtie Creator. Smiler.

Fanning the flame of entrepreneurial journeys, Nisha Blackwell took the leap into creating artisan bow-ties out of sustainable material. Not only does she want to snaz up your life, she wants to save the environment while she’s doing it. Flashing her trademark smile and positive energy, we dare you knot to fall in love. Visit knotzland.com


Michelle Nortier: Painter. Master of Sass.

As the dawn turns into dusk, you’ll probably find Michelle Nortier at her Oakmont studio painting the night away. Her vibrant and eclectic style coupled with her keen business sense has made quite the impact on the art community. Her studio, Truthful Art, hosts painting classes for adults and kiddos, and she is commissioned across the city. She loves her wine, she loves her curse words, and she loves her art. I’m sure the order varies at times. Visit Truthfulart.com