#LOCALartIS: Michael Anton

Michael Anton has been making his mark on the film industry in Pittsburgh, crafting a visual narrative that speaks not only to our creativity, but our ability to move beyond our conventional walls of conformity. Taking the path of most creatives, Anton has many bumps, bruises, odd jobs, and coffee shops corner writing sessions under his belt, reaching into the depths of his reality to somehow find a way to still follow his passion.

Anton recently released his 7th film, Democracy Road, a short that speaks on our path to democracy, world culture, free markets, and truly understanding the impact that other countries have on our way of life.

Previous to his latest film, Anton wrote and directed The Great American Movie Hustle, a film that highlighted the inherently morose nature of being in the film industry. A parody with hard underlying truths. Anton also created a counter-culture classic in Potheads, a film that crowned him “The 21 Century Monty Python”, by none other than High Times Magazine.

Anton is simply built for the undulating nature of the entertainment business, balancing his menagerie of life, love, parenting, and creativity in a not-so-easy formula, but he makes it work, and continues to rocket towards an evident truth that he is, in fact, a maker of worlds.

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Photo by Timothy Cox