#LOCALartIS: Max Nungesser

Max Nungesser is a self-taught artist currently enrolled in Penn State University. Nungesser’s work is vibrant, viable, and socially conscious, especially considering his early years in the art world. Some of his paintings touch on the current political climate, with a walking-dead portrait of our current commander-in-chief. In other news, a pair of buddy skeletons taking a smoke break speaks to our inherent desire to fight change, no matter how much it kills us.

Nungesser’s catalogue also travels down the road of tribal art, valiant in its intricacies and broad scope of relativity, very reminiscent of Basquiat.

Other paintings use hard lines with a collage of colors to create animal figures such as fish, roosters, and bulls. For more information on Max Nungesser’s work, visit  him online.