#LOCALartIS: Livorio. Koi. Bierker.

Cara Livorio: Artist. Ferrari in Disguise. Amante dell’italia.

Cara Livorio is a painter producing work for a wide variety of clients around the Pittsburgh area. Since her journey to Italy, where she spent 4 years teaching art and art history, creating art work, Livorio has dedicated her work to reprising the gallant nature of Italian culture. Also the owner of Artissima, a multi-faceted art studio and retail space, Livorio not only teaches art classes, she also instructs children’s Italian classes and offers summer Italian camps. For more information, visit Cara Livorio or Artissima Studio online.

Lisa Bergant Koi: Artist. Visual Provocateur.

Lisa Koi is an abstract artist who creates haunting journeys through the labyrinth of the mind. A former resident of Cleveland, Ohio, Koi’s primary focus is movement in space. Now a permanent resident of Pittsburgh, she continues to create various art representations that continue to engage, enlighten, and in some cases, disturb. Koi’s work will be on display from Feb 2nd-April 3rd at Bar Marco.  Visit Lisa Koi

Paul Bierker: Jeweler. Designer. Geek Savior.

Paul Bieker is the founder of Paul Michael Design, a custom jewelry studio in Lawrenceville, has been creating wearable art for the city of Pittsburgh and lovers of all things nerdy. His specialty is creating custom comic book, superhero and gaming jewelry for people who just can’t enough dork in their lives. Bierker creates in all different forms, from Star Wars to Captain America, his ability to embrace the nerd that live in us all is quite magnificent. For more information, visit Paul Michael Design or Geek Jewelry online.