#LOCALartIS: Edison. Generett. Sing.

Stoph Edison: Comic. Gym Rat. Vegan Superhero.


Stoph Edison is a funny guy. He travels around the Pittsburgh area spreading his gift of off-color comedy to droves of fans in the region. He’s often called on to Emcee events, and is one of the comedy scenes most polarizing personalities. He tells it like it is, and tells it like it isn’t. And that’s what makes Edison, Edison. Unapologetically blunt. He’s also a vegan who happens to be a jacked fitness junkie. Also, tats. (Photo Credit: Greg Neiser)

William Generett Jr. : Community Advocate. Visionary. Legal Wiz.


William Generett Jr. has taken helping the community to a stratospheric level with his company, Urban Innovation 21, a unique public-private organization focused on the development of the innovation sector through offering opportunities in entrepreneurial development in communities that are often an afterthought. Generett is a no-nonsense entrepreneur (and Lawyer) with the desire to help change the landscape of the communities he knows and loves. His art, vision.

Sam Sing: Cigar Buff. Entrepreneur.Cool Breeze.


Sam Sing, owner of The Cigar Den in Lawrenceville, makes his living off of comradery and good ol’ fashion neighborhood spirit. His business, truly his art. A cigar enthusiast, Sing relishes in the custodial environment his man cave-esque establishment promotes. Making anyone, and everyone feel at home, Sing is a cool as the other side of the pillow. (Photo Credit: Julie Kahlbaugh)