#LOCALartIS Durty. Pierotti. Beauford.

Durty Art


A spray paint artist from Plum borough, he’s become well-known in the community for his “banksy-esque” distopian imagery. A lover of hip-hop, Durty is embroiled into the scene, producing work for the likes KRS-1 and Rakim. As he continues to push the envelope, his work becomes a statement against the status quo.

Carolyn Pierotti


An artist, educator, and curator, Carolyn Pierotti is drilled into every facet of the art scene. As an educator, she shapes future artists, as a painter, she expresses a visceral and delicate muse, and as a curator, she showcases artists across the city, creating out-of-the-box events to engage the public.

Sean Beauford


A curator that has called Pittsburgh his home since 2010, Sean Beauford’s shows are visual masterpieces, collaborating with artists to create new pieces to fit his vision for the show instead of using already finished works. His approach is unconventional, but very welcomed. He’s also an art advocate, firmly rooted in his belief that youth should have the opportunity to not only experience art, but to express themselves through it.