#LOCALartIS: Carter. Renaudin. Bryan.


Hannah Carter: Ballerina. World Traveler. Mini Cooper Enthusiast.

Hannah Carter, a transplant from the UK, who now resides in Pittsburgh, is a principal dancer at The Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. Carter joined PBT in 2013 after her stint with The Estonian National Ballet. She also graduated with honors from the Royal Ballet School in London. She’s in love with Pittsburgh’s culture, renovating her home, and her Mini Cooper. Visit The Ballet Online


Rachel Renaudin: Artist. Gym Rat. Lover of Awesome.

One of the few full-time artist in the free world, Rachel Renaudin works tirelessly to evolve her craft and create relevant work. Featured in LOCAL publications more than any artist, Renaudin’s work evokes thought and character. A reference to the ethereal nature of her creation process, her pieces are powerful and imaginative. When she’s not painting, you can find her gym(ing), running, or doing something awesome. Visit Rachel Online


Tyler Bryan: Entrepreneur. Coffee Maker. Penny Pincher.

Owner of Artisan Cafe, Tyler Bryan, approaches the everyday stresses of owning a budding business with a chill pill and a smile. His shop, opened just recently, shows Bryan’s love of pennies. Thousands of copper thingys adorn the interior, skyrocketing the businesses value by at least $20.00. Amongst the hoard of copper glory, Bryan dazzles customers daily with his intricate coffee art. For more information, visit Artisan online.