The Indie Oaks Film Festival

oAccording to Ruthy Stapleton: “Pittsburgh Filmmaking is worth taking seriously.”

That said, The Indie Oaks Film Festival run by Stapleton, Lance Parkin, and hosted by owner of The Oaks Theatre Joe Wichryk II promises to be a fun-filled night full of Pittsburgh short films.

Although Stapleton is serious about filmmaking, she and the festival runners just want to throw “A fun, silly party for Pittsburgh filmmakers.”

Stapleton and Parkin will Emcee the event aka The Oscars complete with funny skits and gags in between the short films as well as fun, themed cocktails created by the owner of the theatre himself.

Although the event doesn’t have an official theme for submissions, Ruthy gushes that the Festival will have “a vintage, Moon over Miami kinda vibe.”

Stapleton says that the Indie Film Fest, (like its Big Sister fest The Haunted Oaks Film Festival that happens in October) is about bringing together great local made films to the Pittsburgh public in a fun engaging way that simultaneously celebrates the independent filmmakers of our region.

“We put a lot of energy and love into it.”

Pittsburgh made short times with a running time of twelve minutes or less can be submitted by April 1st via their website.

There will be an award ceremony with a Grand Prize of $100, a second place prize of $50 and fun award categories for all of the filmmakers.

The Festival will be juried by Pittsburgh film industry professionals and will have a live Q & A and podcast at the end of the screenings.

It’s just $10 at the door for what Ruthy Stapleton promises to be “A light-hearted fun night at the movies.” For more information, visit The Oaks Online.