JFilm: is Underway, Independent, and International

JFilmThe JFilm Festival is already underway, but it’s not too late to see some of the festival’s headliners.

The JFilm Festival is a curated film festival right here in Pittsburgh highlighting films celebrating Jewish heritage and culture. Showcasing 21 films from all over the world, JFilm brings special guests, Pittsburgh premieres, and opportunities to “Film Schmooze” with fellow film lovers all over Pittsburgh.

Whether you want to expand your knowledge on Jewish culture or just want to see some beautiful filmmaking, JFilm Festival has something for everyone.

What’s great about the films, is that they bring artists here to Pittsburgh in new exciting ways.

Flory Jagoda star of Flory’s Flame and her band will be performing following the April 14th screening of the film and Pittsburgher and Israeli-born chef Michael Solomonov will follow-up his film with a special talkback.

Some films that are sure to be crowd pleasers are Atomic Falafel and A Tale of Love and Darkness. To find out why we think you’ll love them (and all the rest of JFilm’s screenings and events) check out our abbreviated shortlist below and go to JFilm or call 412-992-5203 for tickets and more information.

Frank vs. God: A man named Frank sues God. April 13th 7pm at Carmike 10, April 14th 7pm, Friday April 15th, 5:30pm Manor Theatre

Fire Birds: A detective, a murder case, and a singer walk into a bar… April 14th, 4:30pm Manor Theatre

Peter the 3rd: With the support of his buddies and new waitress friend, a man runs for Knesset/Israeli Parliament. April 16th, 5pm Manor Theatre

Baba Joon: A Persian coming of tale set in the 80’s. April 16th, 7pm Manor Theatre

The Midnight Orchestra: Michael Abitbol returns to Casablanca, his childhood home. April 13th, 5pm Manor Theatre

In Search of Israeli Cuisine: Chef Michael Solomonov cooks in celebration of his heritage. April 13th, 7:30pm Manor Theatre

Flory’s Flame: Flory Jagoda, Holocaust survivor, keeps Sephardic Jewish culture and music alive. April 14th, 7pm Rodef Shalom, April 17th, 3pm Manor Theatre

Atomic Falafel: Comedy can be found in a nuclear situation. April 14th, 7:30pm

Presenting Princess Shaw: An internet star is born. April 16th, 9:00pm Manor Theatre

Plastic Man: The Artful Life of Jerry Ross Barrish: An artist creates sculptures with recycled materials. April 17th, 12:30pm Manor Theatre

Cartoonists: Foot Soldiers of Democracy: Cartoons carry political messages. April 17th, 4:30pm

A Tale of Love and Darkness: Amos Oz’s mother adapts to life in Israel after living in Poland. April 17th, 7:15pm Manor Theatre.