April Fool’s Cruel Whovian Joke

doctor-who-001-main-1000x750April 1st is a holiday only a 4th grader could love.

Dr. Who, however, is a tv classic that 4th graders and 40-year-olds alike adore.

The BBC staple even has its own fan club right here in Pittsburgh: Steeltown Whofans.

Together, The Hollywood Theatre in Dormont in association with Steeltown Whofans and Pittsburgh ComicCon had gathered up 200 some Dr. Who fans clad in their best cult gear for the 2nd annual Dr. Who costume party and 50th Anniversary showing of DALEKS- Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

To have 114 pre-sale tickets and another 100 at the door is a feat for any theatre, let alone an independently run one, hidden away in quaint Dormont.

Pittsburgh Who fans knew where to find the fun as Rose Tyler look-alikes, Doctors, and even a masterpiece of a cardboard costume Dalek (complete with lights and a little boy inside who shouted “Illuminate” instead of the Dalek motto “Exterminate”) scuttled into the darkened theatre.

Unfortunately, the lights were not to come on that night. As all of the Whovians awaited the showing, snapping selfies with the other costumed guests and the Tardis cutout, the Hollywood staff ran around looking for answers and called Executive Director Chad Hunter to come in. Mr. Hunter himself thought it was an April Fool’s joke at first, but later when he arrived, a representative from the electric company informed us all that sadly the lights would not come back on in time for the 8 o’clock showing.

The joke is on the power outage and perhaps April 1st itself. Why, you ask? Because all of us Whovians will be back at The Hollywood Theatre in Dormont on June 24th banging on the proverbial door of the time-traveling Tardis at exactly 7pm, eagerly awaiting the 8 o’clock showing of DALEKS- Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D.

And it’s cheap too. Adult tickets are $10 at the door and online, Children get in for $6, and Members get in for just $5.

So again, now we all have a second chance to party at The Hollywood for the 2nd annual Dr. Who party.