A New Dynamic Comedy Duo Drops The Bomb…Literally.

12671748_1701630370085228_2138014431594195132_oLong before there was ever a New Bomb Entertainment, there was a guy and his best friend who just loved comedy.  Then comedy team Vincent “Vinny” Bombara and Craig Newham had been filming sketches and trying to make each other pee themselves long before youtube took note.

What started as a quest for laughs for creator Vinny Bombara became a company. Headed by Mr. Bombara and Raquel Bouvy, the dynamic duo produces multiple Youtube hilarities.

Their sketches like “Compliments”  “Text Message Interception” and my personal favorite “Huh” are full of a brand of humor that has Mr. Bombara’s handwriting all over it.

What’s so wonderful about New Bomb, (and not just its streamlined look and fabulous sketch posters) is that it features so many Pittsburgh actors.

New Bomb films their sketches every Wednesday, so you can message them if you’re an actor looking to try your hand at comedy, or just a fan wanting to let them know that your sides still hurt from laughing.

Not only does New Bomb Entertainment have short sketches galore for your enjoyment, they are dipping their toes into politics now too.

No, unfortunately, Vinny isn’t running for Senator, instead, he and co-creator Raquel are producing a new comedy series about former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

On the show, Hillary’s political aides get into all sorts of hijinks as they serve her every need on the campaign trail.

Directed by Raquel Bouvy, “Handling Hillary” stars Vincent Bombara, Jeremy Enz-Doerschner, Nikki Nader, Olivia Traini, Katie Maloney, and Craig Newham and is set to air later in 2016.

To watch the trailer for “Handling Hillary” and to catch up on of New Bomb Entertainment’s latest sketches visit them on Youtube  and Facebook.