“Something Pretty” Dance Preview at Stack PGH

Anyone interested in bold art and modern dance is invited to see Something Pretty next Monday.

Before opening at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre on August 18th and 19th, local dance artist Alexandra Bodnarchuk will be previewing her new, original show, Something Pretty at Stack PGH next Monday, July 25th, at 7pm. Popular area restaurants Poros and Bar Marco will be serving food; conceptual photographs for the show, taken by local photographer Hannah Altman, will be available to view and purchase.

The new show, with original choreography and music, concerns the troubling theme of eating disorders, a subject which Bodnarchuk knows is all too common in the dance world.

“People look at dancers on stage and think, ‘they look a little too thin’, but few people go beyond that; few stop to think, ‘Wow, this is a real problem.'”

Those attending Monday’s event at Stack will receive complimentary tickets for Something Pretty’s August premiere, but that evening they can see how Bodnarchuk plans to approach this ugly subject with two excerpt performances from the show. First, Bodnarchuk will perform the show’s Prelude, then three of the show’s other dancers—Marcella Day, Andrea Kozai, and Patty Petronello—will be performing a powerful scene from the mid-section of the show entitled Take Your Skin Off and Put it on the Floor.

© photo by Hannah Altman

© photo by Hannah Altman

Stack, on Baum Boulevard, is an open co-working environment with a refined warehouse aesthetic that has maintained some old textures from its former life. Bodnarchuk thinks the open area, exposed wires, and brick will be an appropriate place for the show’s fundraiser to be held.

“A five star restaurant, for example, wouldn’t be appropriate,” Bodnarchuk says.


For more information, visit the fundraiser’s FB event listing.