Zach Brown’s ‘Born-Again Pagan’

Zach Brown welcomed a dark art session as he featured his latest works for his “Born Again Pagan” show The Mine Factory. Brown’s works elicit an unnerving and essential paradigm shift in the air. Brown’s inspirations come from his deeply religious upbringing and a fascinating fear of death.zach-brown-2

Stillness is a constant in his work, forcing the eye of the mind to exercise its demons. It can be an uncomfortable journey peering into the image of a goat littered with arrows, or a man’s immolated face. Perhaps one of his most intrinsically dark pieces entitled “Succubus”. It shows a haunting female figure on top of a nude male, seemingly ready to devour his essence.12735597_1573909322929897_50495534_n

On opening night, it was cold and rainy, fitting for the nature of Brown’s work. While his work makes me feel weird inside, it’s very relevant, showcasing not only a darker side to modern art through a substantial ethos, but also his high-level skills working with various mediums and materials.

‘Born Again Pagan’ is showing again on October 27th at 6pm, just in time to get freaked out for Halloween. Visit The Mine Factory for more information.