Seth Ledonne: How To Get Back

Seth Ledonne opened his solo show, “How to Get Back” at The Mine Factory this past week to a packed house of art lovers. His work, simplistic in nature, roots into various elements of the human psyche with his narrative catalogue of creations. As you peruse the industrial atmosphere of the space, it can throw even the most seasoned art enthusiast for a loop. What seems to be just painted words, transforms into a standoff of wills, searching for a deeper meaning that what lies before you. I found myself staring for quite some time, trying to decipher what, if any meaning I took from what I was witnessing. And in the beginning, it was a hard no.

I didn’t get.

But after the second or third pass, I started to read, and wonder…And wander. Words like “Oblivion” spoke the destitute sense of normalcy our society has placed on nothingness. “Look for Your”…inspired a sense of hope. Total piece, spoke to the fractured dream we all want to achieve, but have an extraordinary time creating and living by. Globally and locally.

In all, the art is not the art you think it will be. It’s not Van Gough, but it does make you think a little more about the haunting nature of the one thing no one can truly see, our thoughts.

For more information on Seth’s work, visit him online. To see what’s going on at The Mine Factory, click here.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh