Meghan Clemm’s Photography is The Fantastic Nightmare You Need To See.

Meghan Clemm recently opened an exhibit at Chromos Eyewear in Lawrenceville to showcase her intricate collection of  fine art photography . Clemm’s body of work largely depicts eerie imagery of a dystopian reality caressed with vivid colors and sharp contrasts. A cross between a Tim Burton movie and Nine Inch Nails video, Clemm’s visuals are haunting, and in the same breath, gorgeous. Faces are mostly obscured, and the picturesque scenes are disheartening, shuttling an uneasy sense of anonymous fear.

I was whisked away to another world with every image I viewed, completely unraveled and captivated. In a rare feat, Clemm’s work seems to have relevance in a modern art culture where anything, and everything is considered to be artistic, and even more so with photography. Anyone on this continent with an iPhone or a Cannon Rebel is now Anne Geddes. It’s extremely hard to be relevant in this climate, and Clemm’s work draws emotion and deserves many walls.

Meghan Clemm, Photographer

Although I found Clemm’s message to be overtly ominous, some people lean into a more idealist view of her vision. And while misaligned, it comes with the territory.

“People say to me, “awe that’s so bright and cheery,” and I say, no, that’s not what I see…It’s not what it’s supposed to be,” Clemm chuckled as we briefly spoke during her show.

Pieces like “Pomegranates for Dinner” (Feature Image), project a sense of ghostly silence, and “Odd One Out” possesses an unsettling composition, even in through its brightly colored balloon assault. Simply put, there aren’t many, if any, Pittsburgh photographers putting out this kind of work. If you want to feel a little weird inside, this exhibit is a must see.

Odd One Out

Clemm’s show runs through April 3. For show times and pricing, visit Purple Room Fine Art. For artist info, visit Meghan Clemm online

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh