Josh Mitchel’s Dual Gallery Opening Is Phenomenally Emotive

There are shows that display nice art, and then there are shows that make art, art. Josh Mitchel’s dual exhibit “Hidden In Plain Sight // A Collision of the Second Self” completely envelops what art is meant to do, create a narrative through imagery, and command self-reflection. Mitchel, one of the area’s most talented artists, cemented his relevancy with the show, which encompassed 707 and 709 gallery.

Mitchel’s detail and poignancy is riveting, screaming to be dissected. Stripping ourselves down to the visceral nature of our follies, insecurities, and desires, each piece, masterfully crafted with laser-like focus, reflects human imperfection, challenging the mind, body, and spirit to a standoff of epic proportions.

As we continue to hide from ourselves, Josh Mitchel’s show simply asked the question, why? Hidden In Plain Sight // A Collision of the Second Self runs through April 9th. For more information, visit The Cultural Trust. 

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh