Hannah Altman’s Luminous/Weightless Opening


Photographer, Hannah Altman

Photographer Hannah Altman recently opened her solo show, Luminous/Weightless at The Lantern in Downtown Pittsburgh. The exhibit highlighted Altman’s intimate and provocative work of the female form, showing the power of femininity while embracing a moody undertone. Altman’s exhibit is displayed under dim lighting, as each one of her photographs is illuminated through a light-box frame with perforations in each image shining through specific aspects of the subject matter.

The placement of each hole creates an eccentric point of contention with the image, offering a powerful sense of symbolism and beauty through each muse. The area defines where light is important, showing the relevance through a strikingly abstract movement.

Altman’s work is known for its strong feminist messaging, providing a glimpse into the female dynamic many of us rarely see. As we’re drowned with over sexed imagery and overt objectification of the female entity, Altman’s work proves to be a valuable voice in the understanding of feminine beauty through a medium that often perverts instead of enlightens.

As you stroll through the images, take stock in where the light presents itself, and take into account the female form, femininity, and feminism. The images struck me as extremely empowering and engaging. A quick view in such a small space, but definitely worth the time, and the downtown parking Rubik’s cube.

Luminous/Weightless runs through January 22nd.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh