“Connects” at Cohen & Grigsby is Diverse, Powerful.

Jeff Jarzynka, one of Pittsburgh’s top art curators, recently installed an exhibition at law firm Cohen and Grigsby called “Connects.” The show features artwork from Sarika Goulatia, a sculptor and installation artist, and Gavin Benjamin, a multi-media photographer and digital manipulator.

The exhibit highlights the brilliant differences in our perceptive cultures, and celebrates diversity, something we’re all in desperate need of these days. The exhibition hits at the perfect time, as our society becomes more and more divided over race relations. Art has been for centuries, and will continue to be the ever-lasting conduit that bridges the gap of our inequalities and fears.

The general body of work is powerful and thought-provoking. Mixing Benjamin’s unsettling and provocative imagery with Goulatia’s calming mediums provides an eclectic ambiance with no lack of sensory pleasantries.

For more information, visit Gavin Benjamin or Sarika Goulatia online.

Photography by Julie Kahlbaugh