“Conflicted” and “Places We Have Never Known” Should Be On Your To-Do List

BoxHeart Gallery is currently hosting two exhibitions by artists Jackie Hoysted (Conflicted) and Annie Heisey (Places We Have Never Known)  that show purpose and resonate with varying narratives.

Conflicted, Hoysted’s work, follows the human form and function through a broad scope of paralleling universes, reflecting  travels between native Ireland and America. In her perspective, she’s not sure in which land she truly feels like the immigrant, her native land, or of which she calls her home.

Artist, Jackie Hoysted

Her work is created with Irish motifs, Celtic scripts, and other elements that speak to her dual roles as immigrant and resident. I found the pieces to have remnants of tribal art. Although not the intended purpose of her work, I think it speaks to the transient nature of Hoysted’s traveling juxtapose. I didn’t find the work particularly moving, but the method and thought behind it was well-stated.

In the second gallery was Places We Have Never Known, courtesy of Annie Heisey. The exhibit was masterfully powerful and showed the fragility of life, the strengths of the human spirit, and the power of perspective. Heisey’s method produces imagery that maps the mind in one of two ways, either with an incendiary panic, or a calming essence of ethereal introspection. A vibrantly muted pallet twists the senses.

Artist, Annie Heisey

I found myself paralyzed with emotion at the scope of her work, as I watched a little girl effortlessly walk a tight wire, two children play in an eternal abyss, and a woman reflect on her existence, one thing is simply clear, Heisey’s work bleeds emotion and challenges the spirit.

Both exhibits run until  March 24th.